Huawei is an independent employee-owned multinational technology leader with 140,000 employees worldwide, doing business in over 150 countries, serving over 500 major telecommunications operators globally, connecting almost one-third of the world’s population.


As an industry leader, we are fully committed to delivering the highest level of security for our customers. The unparalleled quality, integrity and security of Huawei’s solutions are world-proven. We continuously meet all the strenuous security requirements of the over 500 telecommunications operators around the globe that have deployed Huawei equipment, devices and solutions.  Each of us is committed to enhancing the integrity of goods as they move through a global supply chain and strengthening the global supply chain to prevent exploitation and disruption, which we recognize are critical and global challenges.

The Huawei team calls on industries and governments to work together to develop and implement international standards and security protocols for supply chain and network integrity that will benefit the security and economic well-being of all countries.


Most recently, we added Donald “Andy” Purdy Jr. to our senior team as Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Huawei USA.  He will oversee Huawei USA’s cybersecurity assurance strategy and system, and support the global security system adopted by all of the company’s business groups and departments, including R&D, supply chain, marketing and sales, project delivery and technical service. This appointment reflects Huawei’s long-term commitment to provide innovative and secure products and solutions to U.S. operators and customers.