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Huawei was founded in a one-room workshop in Shenzhen in 1987 with the equivalent of about $2,500 at that time.

We have grown to become one of the world’s leading global Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions providers.


Today, we are an employee-owned, private Fortune Global 500 company that operates three business groups to deliver end-to-end solutions for telecom operators, consumers and enterprises. Our vision is to enrich life through communication.

Although Huawei is a privately held multinational, we are committed to being open and transparent.

As such we are pleased to share our strategy for growth in our latest annual report, which details our management structure, teams and finances. On this site we also discuss our commitment to the United States market as demonstrated by our investments in U.S.-based research, our hiring of top American talent, our involvement in the local communities where we operate, our role in setting standards for next-generation solutions such as LTE, and our industry-leading security assurance program.


We invite you to get to know Huawei a little better yourself. See why telecom operators around the globe trust our equipment and solutions to enable communications for nearly one-third of the world’s population.

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Featured: Investment in America

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Letter from the Rotating and Acting CEO


For the past two decades, together with our customers and partners, we have created a stably connected world. In the future, we will continue to be dedicated to our vision as we endeavor to become the leader of the ICT infrastructure industry and create greater value for our customers. We seek to make this connected world a better place to live and open the door for infinite opportunities and possibilities.


A driving force to move the world forward


Connect closely to the world


As everything becomes increasingly connected, it is difficult to imagine a time without networks or an instantaneous flow of information, just as 20 years ago we could not imagine that information would so rapidly and profoundly change how we live and work today.


As an important contributor to these historical changes, Huawei has never been more closely connected to the world than it is now. This level of connectivity has two implications. First, ICT technologies have been deployed in more than 170 countries and regions, helping more than 3 billion people connect to the world, communicate anytime, anywhere, and easily acquire and share information. Second, this connected world is reshaping politics, economics, business, and production at an incredible speed and with formidable force.


ICT technologies – Huawei’s area of focus for the past 25 years – are changing from a support system that improves work efficiency to a production system that drives value creation. The result is that individuals, businesses, and organizations will become increasingly dependent on new business models, new orders, and new patterns for collaborative innovation and cross-boundary sharing.


Provide connectivity


By adapting to and staying at the forefront of industry trends over the past 25 years, we have narrowed the gap with our peers and become a top three player in the global market, fulfilling a dream our founder Mr. Ren Zhengfei set out in the company’s early days. Our efforts have made Huawei what it is today, helped our employees achieve their dreams, and, more importantly, contributed significantly to society and the progress of civilization.


From narrowband to broadband, from fixed to mobile, from voice to video, and from device to cloud, Huawei has been at the forefront during each of these technological transformations, and has ascended to new heights through collaboration with our peers. From the summit of Mount Everest to the Arctic Circle, from vast mountainous rural areas to densely-populated metropolises, and from emerging economies in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to developed markets in Europe, Huawei has built ubiquitous broadband networks, crossing borders to remove barriers to connectivity. From online shopping systems that handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per minute to the discovery of the God particle at 50 trillion collisions per second, from high-speed smart transportation systems to gigantic online education systems, and from financial data platforms to telemedicine diagnosis systems, Huawei has harnessed Big Data and leveraged cloud computing to drive innovation. From flagship devices that offer a superior experience to affordable smartphones, and from home entertainment centers to wearable devices, Huawei has made smart devices accessible to more people, enabling them to embrace mobility and enjoy the conveniences brought by technology.


Build a better connected world


The future will hold a better connected world, where everyone can share everything. Alongside our customers and partners, we will build the world’s most efficient and integrated digital logistics system to ensure full connectivity between people, people and things, and things and things. Doing so will facilitate the free sharing of ideas. We will continue to pursue dreams, spark innovation, and drive the evolution of technologies, industries, and human interaction to create a better connected world.


We aim to support the highest volume of digital content, tens of millions of individual applications, and millions of enterprise applications to enable users to work, live, and study in the cloud. We hope to establish absolute leadership in the network field, helping customers build networks as wide as the Pacific Ocean. We will enable consumers to stream HD videos anytime, anywhere, via 10 Gbit/s broadband that supports holographic communication and delivers 100 times the speed of existing 4G networks. We are poised to provide a rich variety of affordable smart devices that deliver superior experience and connect tens of millions of enterprises and hundreds of millions of individuals and families.


2013: Innovate continuously and facilitate effective growth


In the fiscal year 2013, Huawei achieved CNY239.025 billion in sales revenue, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year, and CNY21.003 billion in net profits. Our strong performance can be attributed to the improved global macro economy, a better business environment, and the effective execution of our corporate strategy. Our operating cash flow and asset to liability ratio remained stable, and our operating efficiency continued to improve.


In anticipation of future trends, we launched the SoftCOM network architecture in 2013. In new areas such as cloud computing and storage, we made notable progress, delivering competitive IT infrastructure solutions to customers. In enterprise and data center networking, we launched the agile network architecture, the world’s first agile switch, and a data center switch offering the industry’s largest capacity at 64T. Our NFV-ready solutions are recognized by the industry and leading carriers. This auspicious start has given us a head start at the outset of network architecture transformation.


Encouraging results have also been delivered in our traditional areas of strength. We reinforced our leadership position in the global LTE market; our 400G routers have been commercially deployed by 49 customers on a considerable scale. We were the first to launch a 1T router line card, a 40T WDM prototype, and a new architecture for All-Optical Switching Networks (AOSNs). In the device market, particularly in the smartphone segment, we significantly improved product quality and brand competitiveness, thereby boosting our popularity among consumers.


2014: Strive for goals that bring value to Huawei


In 2014, the global economy will continue to recover. The increased coverage of ultra- broadband and mobile broadband, especially LTE, is set to bring new opportunities for the further development of the telecommunications industry. Smart devices will become an intrinsic necessity for digital natives and emerge as an extension of the human sensory system. Driven by the transformation of IT systems and the digital restructuring of traditional industries, IT systems are becoming a production system and a core competency for enterprises. Thus, 2014 marks a new beginning – not just for Huawei – but for the industry as a whole. While continuing to focus on strategy and simplify management in 2014, we will also work to expedite our effective growth and lay the foundation for development over the next decade.


Focus on strategic domains


To seize valuable strategic opportunities, in 2014, we will invest more efforts and resources in our future growth. We must have the courage to invest in strategic domains, core technologies, strategic customers, and strategic markets, thus laying a solid foundation for our future development. In the product and technology domains, we will focus our investment on the SoftCOM network architecture in order to build a future-oriented leadership, establish our competitive advantage, and create long-term value for customers.


Rapidly adapt to change


History has proven that Huawei has the ability to adapt to market changes through self-restructuring. In response to the ICT convergence trend, we will further promote our internal organizational transformation, simplify management, and delegate authority to frontlines to ensure that our organizations in all three dimensions – customers, products, and regions – create value for customers and take responsibility for our company’s effective growth, market competitiveness, and customer satisfaction. To adapt to changes in the business environment, we will strengthen delegation to field organizations so that they can operate more flexibly and respond to customers’ high-value needs more quickly. This transformation will increase the operating efficiency of our organizations, further unlock our potential, and enable us to better serve customers.


Glocalize our operations


The business world is changing rapidly. Protectionism and cyber security are just a few of the challenges and risks that we face. Under any circumstance, supporting the stable and secure operations of customers’ networks is our most honored commitment to our customers as well as one of our core strategies. We will work closely with all stakeholders to address cyber security challenges.


In 2014, we will continue to globalize by pooling together the world’s best resources to improve our efficiency and capabilities. We will delegate authority to local management teams, regardless of nationality, so that they can be truly accountable for local operations. We will optimize the operations and management mechanisms of subsidiaries outside of China to ensure compliance, build a harmonious business environment, and contribute to local communities as a responsible corporate citizen.


Unite as many people as possible


We must unite as many people as possible as we move forward. All outstanding employees, regardless of their age, nationality, gender, and cultural background, have equal access to our platform to leverage their talents, develop themselves, and contribute to the company and society at large. We will have a more human touch when managing our people and business. We respect and trust our employees, and encourage them to grow with the company. The overall compensation will be made more competitive and our long-term incentives will be made available to a larger number of high-performing Huawei employees across the world. All these initiatives are designed to motivate our organization and employees (including managers) to create more value for our customers.


Achieve the goal of surpassing and enjoy the ride


The spirit of the tortoise has enabled Huawei to survive. The tortoise is focused, persistent, and highly adaptable to environmental change. It travels across land and sea, regardless of weather and temperature, subsisting on seaweed. The tortoise has been evolving for millions of years and has outlived animals of all sizes, including dinosaurs. In this process, it has surpassed itself.


We live in an era of opportunities, challenges, and risks. No one can accurately forecast or steer the future amid such complex environments and uncertain markets; Huawei is no exception. This leaves us no choice but to hold onto our core values, focus on our pipe strategy, engage fully in what we do, and continuously evolve and develop at a solid pace.


Huawei is still a young company, and the ICT industry is booming. A connected world has unlocked opportunities beyond our imagination. Against this backdrop, our 150,000 dedicated employees must have the courage to take the lead, surpass themselves, and dominate the era. How many struggles are there in life? At Huawei, our philosophy is – no matter whether we can succeed or not, let’s enjoy the ride!


Huawei’s growth would not have been possible without the trust and support of our customers and partners. Let us join hands to create a better connected world!


Eric Xu
Rotating and Acting CEO




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